Spark Line
For our Spark Line the word „spark“ applies to the sound but also to the look of these special cymbals. The natural surface gives this serie a very dark and dirty character. The attack surprises with an open and strong response how you know it only from lathed models, but it combines this feature with the short and controlled sustain of our Earth Line. This characteristic comes in useful especially for drummers who search for alternative sound in rock or metal music. The Spark Line combines dark look with extraordinary sound, assertiveness and an absolutely controlled attack and sustain behavior.
The thin remaining oxid coating of the Spark Serie leads to the special feature that the cymbals are dryer and have less volume if you choose thinner models 
The color of the remaining oxid coating is as in our Earth Series by chance and can be different from cymbal to cymbal
Please, rotate your phone to album orientation to see series cymbals
China Splash
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FX Loop Splash
FX Bell
FX Splash Bell